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Our comfort zone is eternal searching: for Ourselves, for Inspiration, and for new Solutions for our clients. We are the ones who can not only create an idea but also implement it in real life, even if they go beyond.
You most likely would like to know the people you are going to work with, our team includes marketing specialists, designers, content creators, and strategists.
natasha, founder
bike fan
alisa, smm
sticks to open water and her laptop
julia, marketing specialist can’t live without her phone and coffee
christina, designer
designs best memes
julie, marketing specialist
eats yummy food
delphina, photographer
creates real retrospective
misha, smm
responsible for pictures
masha, smm
mother to 5 rats
alyona, designer
great joker (never admits it)
masha, marketing specialist adores surf
Eternal searching

There should have been a phrase that we do our job from the heart. However, our copywriter said that this phrase is a broken record and we don’t need it. Well, after our first briefing it becomes pretty obvious

Creating strategies (1)
Production (2)
Creative (3)
Social media (4)
Merch and packaging (5)
Design (6)
All of this together cause I don’t wanna bother a lot
Intersection of digital and empathy

We manage marketing and work at the intersection of digital and empathy, so our clients can become lovemarks

We don't like this word - it's so vague. We are against creativity for the sake of creativity: we will develop a big campaign or a local special project for you, which will help to solve an important task for you.

Photos 9 by 12 (with a nice caption on the memo), videos for promo or content plan, and unusual requests like "I want a photo shoot of my toilet paper brand in weightlessness"

Communication strategies and brand platforms

Let's take the social networks and make a fuss

This could be classified as design, but we decided to separate the merchandise and packaging into a separate area, as we love it very much. We can help with the full cycle of production: from developing an idea and selecting materials to the final product.

Branding, rebranding, motion, emotion. Polygraphy and all kinds of service design. We'll make it beautiful and meaningful

They answered in the PM. I mean, we really can't tell you the price - for each project we calculate a separate estimate

ZOTMAN pizza

Take a look

Full marketing

A story about how to turn a pizza joint into the favorite place of the generation z

Cultural DNA of the project that was inspired by the North Sea. Immersive dinners by the water, eco-sustainability manifest, and conceptual mellowness of the every connection point

How to build a whole community with the narrative art and parties for super cute pets

How to reconceptualize and renovate a whole cafe network without going insane (spoiler alert! there is no way)

Cheer up a project and bring a Weimaraner dog to a photoshoot for a jewelry brand

more about the project

more about the project

more about the project

more about the project


Strategy, production


Merch and packaging, SMM


Merch and packaging, SMM


Merch and packaging, SMM

Lieu commun is about people. We do not recruit: we search for our soulmates. Cause the most important thing in working as a team is being in sync. That’s the same with our clients: we never treat them as contractors, they’re always partners. We help them find solutions even if the task is absolutely non-typical. That’s why you can find job vacancies like “brand-memolog” or ‘aesthetics director” in hr-channels.

You can be whatever you want to be
Content Oriented Web
Make great presentations, longreads, and landing pages, as well as photo stories, blogs, lookbooks, and all other kinds of content oriented projects.

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Is it a match?
у нас есть всё, чтобы жить вечно
у нас есть всё, хватит на всех
и позади только страх и увечья, а впереди — радость и смех
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How can we help?

Marketing specialists are at their low start, designers turn on After Effects - all you have to do is to fill out a brief.

If you don't want the formalities, fill out the alternative form
Social media
Social media
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One-off consultation

Don’t want any maps or plans or strategies, take charge of the marketing and do everything by yourself

Something ain’t working





OK, how much is it?

Within our preparation, we will analyze your brand, work on your requests (if there are any), or reveal your weak spots and growth zones on our own. At our meeting, we will tell you about the market trends and how you can adapt them

We can gladly implement any of our own strategies: both SMM and marketing strategies

We will find problem areas and answer your questions (for example, why doesn’t your brand develop?) together, we will give you recommendations and tell you how to build your development path if you want to outpace trends

Something ain’t working need a strategy v.1

Something ain’t working need a strategy v.2

We will brief your strategy together, and research the market and your brand presence category, while our creative department (yeah, cool word) will help you design the necessary big idea and the right tone of voice

Brief, final presentation where you’ll find: your target audience portraits, your promotion channels, your brand ecosystem, SMM strategy, recommendations on developing your own style and packaging, examples of the use of your own style in the interior, instructions, and templates of wrapping your brand book

(please, help us with the social media)
(please, help us with the marketing)

Duration from 60 to 90 minutes

Duration and costs depend on the chosen strategy and are formed individually

No affirmation messages! We will visit you (with a bottle of sparkling wine or with tea - that’s up to you), will help you draft a communication strategy, and will find your brand voice and language together

Duration from 4 to 6 hours

As a result, you’ll get a huge document-amulet with all the answers you need: social media’s visuals, tone of voice - posting frequency, which social media you’d better use, and to which one you’d better say bye-bye, how to work with the bloggers and how to realize all of this by your own

We’ll be ready to present it to you personally and answer all of your questions in 3 weeks

As a result, you’ll get an extremely big document - a road map (that’s right! like Dora the Explorer had!) of your brand marketing

Duration from 4 to 5 weeks

who you’ve become while you have been choosing who you want to become?